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Parkinson's Disease Resource List

List of approved Parkinson’s Disease medications in the USA


Descriptions of types of Parkinson’s Disease medications to understand the classes


Parkinson’s Outcomes Project with Parkinson Foundation


Davis Phinney Foundation: Worksheets and Downloads


Movement Disorder Specialist Finder

LSVT® Clinician Finder


SPEAK OUT!® Finder


The Parkinson’s Report

The Michael J. Fox Foundation Resources

Information about COVID-19 and Parkinson's

Virtual Events

Other Team Fox Events

PD 360
Parkinson's 360 walks through the different symptoms, as well as the emotional and social changes that may arise at different points in the journey. It is a candid and relatable guide for patients and families living with Parkinson's.

Medications and Treatments


Preparing for a Doctor Appointment Tips

Ask the MD
The Michael J Fox Foundation in-house Movement Disorder Specialist takes the time to directly address the needs of our patient community through the use of blog posts, videos, and helpful guides!

Public Policy Email Templates:


Urge Congress to Increase Federal Funding for Parkinson's Research

Tell Congress to Expand Access to Mental Health Care for People with Parkinson's

Protect Access to Medications Through Medicare Part D

Act Now: The Economic Burden of Parkinson's Disease is $52 Billion

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